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Trani Castle in Italy

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Trani Castle is located in the town of Trani, in the Apulia region of the Andria province, in southern Italy. Today the castle hosts various events and exhibitions.

The castle was designed by Filippo Chinardo – military engineer and count. The rocky coast of the Trani Bay, near shallow waters, was chosen as the site for the construction. This location was not chosen by chance, since the castle was protected from assaults from the sea.

Initially, on the site of the castle there was a small turret dating from X – XI centuries. The construction of the castle was started by order of Frederick II, in 1233. At the end of the first stage of construction, the castle had four towers at the corners and a central courtyard, as well as an additional fortress wall and a deep moat.

In 1533-1541, a large-scale reconstruction was carried out in the castle, during which the walls of the structure were fortified. The prerequisite for this reconstruction was the active development of firearms.

In 1832-1844 another reconstruction was carried out in the castle, after which the castle turned into a prison. In the second half of the 20th century, the castle was transferred to the local municipality. In 1979, after renovations, the castle ceased to be a prison.

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