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Kamares Aqueduct in Cyprus, Larnaca resort

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The Kamares Aqueduct was once the aqueduct that supplied water to the entire city of Larnaca. Aqueduct Kamares in translation means"stone arch". This is the name of the water supply system due to the fact that it consists of 75 arches and its length is 10.5 kilometers. The Kamares aqueduct is also called the Bekir Pasha aqueduct. Bekir Pasha was the ruler of Cyprus in the 18th century. To win over the residents of the city, he ordered the construction of a water pipeline, since before that drinking water was delivered from a source that was 6 miles from the city.

The water pipeline was built in 1747 and functioned until 1938. For the construction of the Aqueduct, a stone was used from which the walls of the city of Kition were previously built, which was famous in the ancient world for the struggle against the Persians.

Remains of the aqueduct have survived to this day. In the fields between the road and the salt lake   and from the Larnaca-Limassol road you can see the remains of the old water supply system, which consists of 12, 32 and 31 arches.

The city of Larnaca has grown so much that the water supply system, which was outside the city, ended up in the center of one of the areas where housing is being built. Although recently, work is underway to stop housing construction there, and it is planned to turn this part of the city into a pedestrian zone for tourists.


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Topic: Kamares Aqueduct in Cyprus, Larnaca resort.Kamares Aqueduct in Cyprus, Larnaca resort

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