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Salt lake in Cyprus, Larnaca resort

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Salt Lake is also called Aliki (in Greek). It is located near the road that leads from Larnaca airport. The road divides the lake into two parts. The perimeter of the Salt Lake is more than 11 kilometers, and its area is 5 square kilometers.

There is a legend about the origin of the Salt Lake. It says that vineyards once grew on the site of the lake. Once their owner gathered a rich harvest. On the way home, a traveler (Saint Lazarus) appeared on his way, and asked for some grapes to quench his thirst. The peasant felt sorry for sharing the grapes, and he lied that he was carrying salt. And since then, on the site of the vineyard, the Salt Lake is located.

Aliki has had great economic importance for many centuries. Salt was mined here and exported abroad. The salt trade was one of the most important sources of income for the city's population. Salt was collected until the end of the last century. It was collected during the summer period, when the lake dried up and the salt appeared on the surface. Nowadays, salt is no longer collected as it is very polluted here. Now the Salt Lake plays an aesthetic function, and the state policy is aimed at preserving the natural phenomenon.

In winter, egrets, pink flamingos, black swans fly to the lake. The lake attracts many tourists not only with its beautiful birds, but also with its amazing mirror surface.


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Topic: Salt lake in Cyprus, Larnaca resort.Salt lake in Cyprus, Larnaca resort

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