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Marble Mountains in Vietnam, Da Nang resort

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The Marble Mountains or Nonnyok Mountains are located by the sea, 8 kilometers from Da Nang. This mountain complex consists of five mountain ranges, each of which has its own name, symbolizing one of the five elements of cosmogony – Thui (water), Mok (wood), Hoa (fire), Kim (metal) and Tho (earth).

The Nonnyok Mountains are also famous for their village at the foot of Mount Thui. the traditional craft of this area is practiced – stone carving. There are about 300 houses in the village, where craftsmen produce and present their stone creations. Here, in small shops and even in workshops, you can buy stone trinkets, Buddhist statues, souvenirs, figures of three elders, symbolizing well-being, longevity and happiness, statuettes of Cham dancers, lions, eagles and other animals, skillfully carved from stone.

According to ancient chronicles, the traditional craft of stone carving developed in the 17th century, when soldiers who were engaged in stone carving, after the end of the service they took up their old craft.

Initially, the range of stone products was limited to kitchen utensils and tombstones. Over time, the craft began to develop and it became known about the craftsmen far beyond the aisles of the village. Carvers were invited to Hue to build mausoleums and palaces. Since then, the craftsmanship of Nonnyok's craftsmen has reached a high level.

During numerous wars, the traditional craft of Nonnyok fell into decay, but was able to quickly recover.

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Topic: Marble Mountains in Vietnam, Da Nang resort.Marble Mountains in Vietnam, Da Nang resort

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