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Lake Ho Than Tho in Vietnam, Dalat resort

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Lake Ho Than Tho or Lake Sorrow is located 5 kilometers from the city of Da Lat.

Legend has it that the lake got its name during the Vietnam War with China. Many years ago a guy and a girl lived in this area, who loved each other very much. They spent a lot of time near the lake admiring the surrounding landscapes. And at the moment when they thought about the future and life together, Vietnam was already on the brink of war with foreign invaders. In this regard, the Vietnamese generals announced a general appeal obliging all capable men to stand up for the country, taking up arms.

Since the young man was overwhelmed with patriotic feelings, he decided to join the army of the emperor Quanga Trunga. For the last time, young people were to meet at the lake to say goodbye. The girl was also overwhelmed with patriotic feelings, and, deciding that his feelings for her could prevent her from fulfilling her duty to the country, she committed suicide by drowning in the river. Arriving on the shore, the young man did not manage to save his beloved, since she was already dead.

People living in the nearest village, having heard this story, renamed the lake into the Lake of Sorrows. This story also has another version, which says that the young man did not show up at the appointed hour ashore, and the girl, heartbroken, waited for him for many days, and then, having lost hope, – drowned.  

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Topic: Lake Ho Than Tho in Vietnam, Dalat resort.Lake Ho Than Tho in Vietnam, Dalat resort

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