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Durmitor National Park in Montenegro

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Montenegrin Durmitor Park got its name from the mountain of the same name, which has the highest point Bobotov Kuk at an altitude of 2522 m.In addition to the mentioned mountain range, the national park includes canyons of such rivers as Susica, Tara and Draga , as well as part of the territory of the Komarnitsa plateau. Together, this takes about 390 km2. This place is located 160 kilometers from the capital's airport.

Having reached the highest point of the Durmitor mountain range, tourists can visit the Savin spring, the water in which has special healing properties. In the primeval forest at the foot of the Medied-Kuk and Bobotov mountains, the waters of the unique Black Lake lie, and a waterfall falls nearby. From the locals, this place received the name `` Eyes of the Mountains ''. Near the lake, travelers can visit glacial caves with accumulations of stalagmites and stalactites.

Basically, fans of skiing and snowboarding go to Durmitor National Park (12 tracks of different levels), and summer time – fans of mountaineering and simply hiking.

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Topic: Durmitor National Park in Montenegro.Durmitor National Park in Montenegro

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