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Krivoklat Castle in the Czech Republic

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Krivoklat Castle is located in the valley of the Berounka River, just 40 kilometers from Prague.

Krivoklat Castle is one of the oldest and the most popular castles in Eastern Europe, where the furnishings of that time have remained virtually untouched. This beautiful castle, located in the depths of the national reserve, is today a favorite place for cinematographers and newlyweds.

As far back as the 11th century, the Krivoklat fort appeared near the village of Zbekno. Two centuries later, a delightful Gothic castle was built in its place by the Premyslid dynasty. These rich hunting grounds were a favorite place of the prince, so he often visited the castle. In 1307 there was a strong fire in Krivoklata, who completely destroyed the castle.

The castle was revived again by Prince Wenceslas, later Emperor Charles the Fourth, who was exiled by his father Johannes of Luxembourg to Krivoklat. During the reconstruction work carried out here, the estate added an upper courtyard and a large tower, which can still be observed today.

During the Hussite wars, the castle suffered more than once from fires, after which it was completely restored. In the 15th century, a ceremonial hall and a chapel decorated with wooden sculptures and carvings were added to the palace complex.

At that time, Krivoklat Castle was a magnificent palace inside an impregnable powerful fortress. However, it was never used as a royal residence. Since the 16th century, the castle served as a prison, in which only especially important criminals were imprisoned, such as Edward Cayley, Bishop Jan Augusta, wife of Ferdinant of Tyrol and others.

In 1773, Krivoklat acquired the Furstenberg family, who used the castle as a family residence. In 1929 the estate was sold to the Czech state. For several years, the castle housed a brewery. In the 70s, Krivoklat was closed for reconstruction. Since 1989, the castle received the status of a national cultural monument of the Czech Republic and opened its doors to tourists.

A popular attraction of the castle today is a Gothic chapel with a 15th century altar, decorated with the finest detailed carvings. The library also deserves attention, whose collection contains early prints in several languages.

The Great Royal Hall and the Great Hall of Knights are also worth a visit, where you can observe a collection of hunting trophies and weapons. The castle's art gallery features a collection of Gothic paintings and sculptures.


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Topic: Krivoklat Castle in the Czech Republic.Krivoklat Castle in the Czech Republic

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