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Moshava-Germanite (German colony) in Israel, Haifa resort

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Moshava Germanite is an area built by Christian Germans who also called themselves `` Templars, '' who believed in the need for a Christian force to rebuild Palestine. This area is very different from others – the buildings have thick stone walls, high tiled roofs and deep cellars for storing food.

The Templars who built Moshavu-Germanite have nothing to do with the Order of the Knights Templar, which was abolished by Pope Clement the Fifth in 1312.

In 1868, a German settlement was founded approximately three kilometers from Haifa. The main condition for the settlement was the location between it and the Lower City of well-visible fields.

In 1875, a street was laid here, reaching a width of 30 meters, on both sides of which houses were built. Later, two more, but narrower streets were laid in the area.

The Templars did not build churches in their settlement. The center of the district was the Assembly House, which also functioned as a school. Later, an inn and a church were built for tourists in Moshav-Germanit.

The Templars for Haifa did almost as much as the Turks. Thanks to the Templars, the first carriage line from Haifa to Nazareth was carried out, after which Haifa became a transit center for pilgrims. The Templars also created an ambulance and a fire brigade in the city.

In the 1930s, the Templars seriously thought about uniting with Nazi Germany. A branch of the NSDAP was even opened in the city, from where many teenagers living in the area could join the Hitler Youth. As a result, England, which at that time owned a mandate for Palestine, began to regard Moshava-Germanite as an enemy camp. This led to the fact that the British government evicted all the Templar settlers from the country.

According to one version, the German settlements were saved by the British from Jewish retaliation. By the time the State of Israel was formed, Palestine was completely abandoned by the Templars, who settled in Australia.

Among the attractions of Moshava-Germanite, it is worth highlighting the Tourist Information Center, 19th century Templar houses, Haifa Settlement Museum, College of Design, Italian hospital, etc.

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Topic: Moshava-Germanite (German colony) in Israel, Haifa resort.Moshava-Germanite (German colony) in Israel, Haifa resort

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