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Technion in Israel, Haifa resort

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Israel Institute of Technology is one of the most popular and oldest universities in Israel, as well as one of the most prestigious universities in Asia and Europe in the technical field. Today the Technion is also far from the last place in the world ranking of universities.

The architect A. Berwald was responsible for the design of the first Technion building. The construction was completed in 1913, but the institute opened only in 1924. The first and at that time the only faculty at the opening was the Faculty of Civil Engineering. Initially, the official language of instruction was Hebrew, although even at that time the possibility of studying in German was seriously considered, since most of the teachers and founders of the institute were of German origin.

Nowadays, the Technion is located in a square on the northern slope of the Carmel. Here on the square is a series of buildings that form the Technion Quarter. The building, which previously housed the Technion, was given to the Haifa Museum of Science and Technology.

In addition to the administrative and educational buildings in the Technion quarter, there is an amphitheater, hostels, a sports complex with a shooting range, a swimming pool and tennis courts, a branch of Bank Leumi, post office, Mikhlol store, clinic, synagogue, cafeterias and many grocery stores.

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Topic: Technion in Israel, Haifa resort.Technion in Israel, Haifa resort

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