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Historical Museum in Spain, Barcelona resort

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This museum is located on the Royal Square in the building of the medieval city palace Casa Clariana Padellas. It was built in the 15th century and acquired its present appearance after the restoration in 1931. Quite valuable and unique fragments of the old Roman city were discovered here, so the authorities decided to turn the palace into a Historical Museum.

One part of the museum – Gallery of Famous Catalans – located separately from him, in Barry Gothic. The Gothic building of the gallery stands right there, where the wall of the Roman city used to be. At the same time, it houses the Academy of Humanities. In total, the collection of this gallery contains more than 50 portraits of Catalans who have made a great contribution to military affairs, religion, science, art and literature.

There are many collections in the museum building. On the stairs between the floors there is a collection of kitchen utensils, as well as colorful ceramic tiles depicting scenes from life, people and animals.

In the 12th room there is a family tree, which presents city trade guilds. The names of their founders are also indicated there. In the 13th room you can see several historical panels, and in the 14th – wooden cliches that were used to apply a pattern to the fabric. Here, on the wall, hangs a 19th century painting that used to belong to a Barcelona clothing store.

In Hall 11 you can see various sketches that illustrate the historical development of the city. In hall 10 there are paintings with historical subjects.

In the basement of the museum, you can see the remains of an ancient Roman city, as well as various models of excavations that are displayed in display cases. The ruins have mosaic floors, heating systems, parts of the walls, drainage and water systems.

The museum also owns the church and Salo de Tinel – the former hall of the royal palace. It was built in 1370, and it was here that Christopher Columbus was received after his return from his very first trip to the shores of America.  


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Topic: Historical Museum in Spain, Barcelona resort.Historical Museum in Spain, Barcelona resort

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