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Gothic Quarter in Spain, Barcelona resort

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This quarter is the oldest part of Barcelona. It was in its place that the Roman village of Barcino was once located. The main attraction of the Gothic Quarter – it is the Cathedral.

In the 15th century, the buildings of the Catalan government and city hall were built in this quarter. The city hall was later rebuilt, and only part of the decor in the Gothic style, which depicts the coat of arms of Barcelona, remained from the original construction. Today at the entrance to the city hall there are monuments to J. Fivelier, who forced the courtiers to pay taxes in the 16th century, and to Jaume I, who established the city council in the 13th century.

Opposite the city hall is the Palace of the Government of Catalonia ... After construction, its facade was rebuilt in the Renaissance style. Above the entrance to the Palace is the statue of Saint George, the patron saint of Catalonia, who defeats the dragon. Special attention should be paid to the Orange Courtyard, the Gothic chapel of Sant Jordi and the 16th century bell tower.

The Royal Palace, located in the area, was built in the 13th century as the residence of the Counts of Barcelona. In the Tinel Hall, located in this palace, Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand received Columbus, who returned from the voyage.

Canon's House – it is the only Gothic building in the entire area built on Roman foundations. It was built for an almshouse, in which dinners were arranged for the poor. In 1450, the building was transferred to the clergyman of the city cathedral. The house is now the residence of the President of Catalonia. &

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Topic: Gothic Quarter in Spain, Barcelona resort.Gothic Quarter in Spain, Barcelona resort

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