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House of the Vestals in Italy, Rome resort

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The House of the Vestals is located in the Roman Forum next to the Temple of Vesta. The atrium, which was previously framed by two-storey porticos on columns, has survived to this day. The porticos were decorated with sculptures of the high priestesses of Vesta, some of which have survived to this day.

After recent archaeological excavations, the ruins of the temple of Vesta and the house of the Vestals were discovered. The house is located near the Forum, at the foot of the Palatine Hill. Outwardly, it is no different from an ordinary residential building. Initially, the house belonged to the great pontiff, but immediately after Augustus was elected pontiff, the house was donated to the Vestals.

Brick served as the material for the construction. The rectangular atrium was 68 meters long, and in width – 28 meters, was surrounded by 44 columns. The lavatory in the house was a luxurious reception hall, flanked by six rooms, probably intended for six Vestals. During the period of the Roman Empire, the house of the Vestals was rebuilt several times.

In the center of the atrium you can see traces of a small octagonal structure. According to sources, it was this structure that was a secret sanctuary where sacred items were kept. It was probably destroyed by the Vestals themselves, shortly before the community was destroyed.

The statues of the Vestals located in the portico were erected by various persons. A total of 12 such statues were found, only three of them had a head. The best preserved statues were transported to the Thermal Museum,

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Topic: House of the Vestals in Italy, Rome resort.House of the Vestals in Italy, Rome resort

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