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Mola di Bari Castle in Italy

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The Mola di Bari castle is located in southern Italy, in the Apulia region of the Bari province, on the Adriatic coast.

From a height, the castle looks like a star. However, this layout for the XIII century was rather complicated, therefore, according to modern architects, the castle originally consisted of a three-level rectangular tower, crowned with battlements and protected by loopholes and embrasures. The main castle structures were probably located between the eastern and southern ramparts, where the remains of the walls were recently discovered.

In the 14th century, the castle was reinforced with two stone cylindrical towers located in the southern and eastern parts. In the 15th century, the castle was significantly fortified. With the discovery of gunpowder, military strategies changed significantly, in connection with which the fortresses being rebuilt in height had to be strengthened, as well as to create barriers for cannon balls. It was at that time that the walls of the castle received a slight slope. Space under the `` slides '' covered with earth, which provided an additional barrier for cannon shells. The design of the steep walls in 1530 was carried out by Evangelista Menga – architect from Cupertino. His work was also the corner bastions, which, unfortunately, have not survived to our time.

The castle was built by order of Charles the First between 1278-1281, in order to protect the coast from pirates ... The castle was designed by Pierre de Adjcourt.

In 1613, the castle was bought by the wealthy merchant Michel Vaaz. After his death, the castle was owned by his heirs until 1849, and then the estate was sold to the Italian Ministry of Defense. During this period, the interior of the castle has changed several times. A partial reconstruction of the windows overlooking the courtyard was carried out, and a conference room was also added.

In order to get to the castle, you need to go through the road bridge, and then through the arched portal, which is located in the southern part of the bastion.

At the entrance to the castle you can see a rectangular niche for guards, and on the wall opposite there are the remains of frescoes depicting the Madonna and Child. In the courtyard, only one wall has survived in its original form, the rest were restored in the 19th century. The ammunition depot is located here. The chateau conference hall is a large trapezoidal room, restored with wooden beams. Various events are taking place here today.

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