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Otranto castle in Italy

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The Otranto castle is located in the city of the same name, in the Apulia region of the Lecce province, in the southern part of Italy.

The construction of the castle was started in 1485 by order of Ferdinand II of Aragon. The building was designed by architects Francesco di Giorgio Martini and Ciro Chiri. The construction was completed in 1498. The castle was built on the site where an ancient fortification was previously located.

The castle was made in a trapezoidal shape. Round towers were erected at three corners of the building & ndash; Duquesque, Hippolytus and Alfonsin. The castle is surrounded on all sides by a moat.

Of interest are the ancient Roman tablets preserved on the walls of the castle.

Otranto Castle also gained popularity thanks to the writer Horatio Walpole, who dedicated his novel to this magnificent structure. which is called «Castle of Otranto».

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Topic: Otranto castle in Italy.Otranto castle in Italy

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