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Castle of Castel del Monte in Italy

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The Castle of Castel del Monte, located in the Apulia region of the city of Andria, is one of the outstanding buildings during the reign of Emperor Frederick II.

The construction of the castle was started in 1240, completed in 1250. The construction was carried out on the site where the monastery of St. Mary was previously located. The material for the construction of the castle was polished limestone, columns, portals and window frames were made of marble.

The castle was built in the form of a regular octagon. At each corner of the building there are towers, also made in the shape of an octagon. The main octagon is 25 meters high, the towers are 26 meters high.

Castel del Monte is a two-storey building with a flat roof. The main entrance to the castle was facing strictly east. On the opposite side is the second entrance. Each side of the outer wall has 2 windows: on the ground floor – single-arch, on the second – double-arched. Above the main portal is the Throne Room.

The corner towers contain spiral staircases, wardrobes and toilets. On the first floor there are three portals that lead to the courtyard. All rooms on the first and second floors have the same shape, but differ significantly in the location of the doors. On the first floor, two halls are connected to the outside world through the western and eastern portal, they are connected to other halls and do not have access to the courtyard.

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Topic: Castle of Castel del Monte in Italy.Castle of Castel del Monte in Italy

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