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Shiroko-Lyka Village Museum in Bulgaria

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The village-museum of Shiroko-Lyka, located on the banks of the Shirokolyzhka River, today is an architectural and historical reserve, known not only in Bulgaria, but also beyond its side-altars for its musical traditions and the originality of Rhodope architecture.

The settlement in this area was due to the forcible conversion of the Rhodope population to Islam during the Turkish rule.

More recently, archaeological finds have been discovered on the top of Turla, according to which these places were inhabited in ancient times.

In 1834, the inhabitants of the village built the Church of the Most Holy Theotokos, the construction of which took only 38 days. The brothers Dimitar and Zakhary Zografy were involved in the painting of the church. The following year, a school was opened at the church.

The peculiarities of natural conditions, a sense of national identity, economic well-being and a sense of insecurity during the period of Ottoman rule greatly influenced the architecture of houses in the village. These two-storey houses have thick walls, iron-bound doors, small windows and internal wooden staircases.

Vaulted bridges over the Shirokolyshka River give the village an additional romantic atmosphere. The songs of local residents are very original, very lyrical and melodic, usually performed to the accompaniment of kaval, gadulka and kaaba-gaida. One of the specialized Bulgarian schools is also located here.

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Topic: Shiroko-Lyka Village Museum in Bulgaria.Shiroko-Lyka Village Museum in Bulgaria

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