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Tyn Church in the Czech Republic, Prague resort

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Tyn Church is one of the most remarkable and popular monuments of the Prague Gothic XIV – XV centuries.

Previously, the Tyn area was the economic center of Prague, there was a market here, where merchants from other countries often gathered. There was also a hospital for foreign merchants, a princely customs office and an old church. In the 13th century, an early Gothic church was located on the site of the buildings.

The construction of the cathedral was started by order of Charles – son of Jan of Luxemburg in the XIV century, who ordered the construction of the Church of the Holy Virgin Mary on that site. The temple was almost completed only by the beginning of the 15th century, but the construction was suspended due to the outbreak of the Hussite wars. During this period, the temple was captured by the Hussites. In 1427, Jan Rokitsian was elected by the Hussites as the new archbishop of the Tyn Church, in which he was buried after his death. During the Hussite wars, all the tree intended for the construction of the roof of the cathedral was used for the construction of gallows, on which Jan Rogach and his entourage were executed by order of King Sigmund.

20 years later it was found again roofing material, which they tried to confiscate for the construction of the stands, intended for the wedding of King Ladislav Pogrobek and Princess Magdalena. However, the groom died without waiting for the ceremony, and the roof of the church was finally completed.

During the reign of George Podebradsky, the facade of the central nave and the north tower were completed. The pediment was adorned with a sculpture of the 'King of Huss', over which a gilded bowl was installed – communion symbol. In 1626, the statue was replaced by the figure of the Madonna, created by the sculptor K. Bechteler.

In 1679, a massive fire broke out in the cathedral, which destroyed the main nave. After the reconstruction, the nave became much lower.

Today the church houses the oldest organ in Prague, created in 1673 by the master Mundt. There is also a tin font, built in 1414, which is the oldest in the city. The font is decorated with reliefs of the apostles. The stone pulpit, made in the 15th century in the Gothic style, also deserves special attention.

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Topic: Tyn Church in the Czech Republic, Prague resort.Tyn Church in the Czech Republic, Prague resort

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