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Bath Bashi Mosque in Bulgaria, Sofia Resort

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The Banya Bashi Mosque is today one of the oldest mosques in the city of Sofia. The construction of the mosque took place on the initiative and with the funding of Mullah Efendi Qada Seyfullah. For this reason, the mosque is indicated in various sources under the names `` Kady Seyfullah '' or `` Molla Efendi. ''

In the arch above the door of the mosque, one can observe a stone on which an unreadable text is written with paint.

The construction of the mosque was completed in 1567. One of the outstanding features of the mosque is that in fact it was erected over a natural thermal spa. Coming closer, you can even see the steam going up the vents near the walls of the mosque. The building is also famous for its minaret and large dome. Nowadays, the Banya Bashi Mosque is the only functioning mosque in the city.

The main building of the mosque has a quadrangular shape. Among the four domes located at the corners, there is a minaret and a central dome. In the front part there is an annex with three small domes, which was erected in memory of the late wife of Kada Seyfullah.

Currently, the mosque is an interesting architectural creation, reflecting the specifics of Ottoman architecture of the 16th century. The building was designed by the Ottoman architect Sinanom. The main materials used for the construction of the mosque were stone and red brick. In the corners of the mosque there are small towers, under which support structures pass. The arches and walls of the prayer hall were made of cut stone. The central dome is covered with tin plates. The minaret of the mosque is an elegant architectural work.

The entire interior of the mosque acquired its present appearance as a result of multiple reconstructions, the last of which took place in the 1920s with the financing of Fethi Bay – Ambassador of Turkey to Sofia. Private refurbishment, plastering and painting were carried out here also after World War II.

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Topic: Bath Bashi Mosque in Bulgaria, Sofia Resort.Bath Bashi Mosque in Bulgaria, Sofia Resort

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