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Sung Sot Grotto in Vietnam

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Sung Sot Grotto is one of the most beautiful grottoes in Halong Bay. The total area of the grotto is approximately 10,000 m2.

Stone steps lead from the pier to the entrance to the grotto. Entering the grotto, the legendary world opens up to your gaze – thousands of stalactites form amazing artfully carved columns that resemble ancient castles. Here you can also observe the bizarre bends of rocks similar to the outlines of animals, human bodies, ancient trees, etc.

For the convenience of tourists, from the entrance to the exit from the grotto there is a paved half-kilometer road, along which lanterns were installed, also serving as a landmark ... The grotto is divided into two palaces – one of them is very similar to a theater hall, from the shelves of which hangs many stalactites of various sizes and shapes.

A narrow passage leads to the second palace. The dimensions of this palace are so large that about a thousand people can fit here at a time. Near the entrance is a rock, shaped like a horse with a sword. Legend has it that after Thanh Dong helped the nation get rid of demons and evil spirits, he ascended to heaven, leaving his sword and horse on earth, which were supposed to make the demons stay away from these places.

deep in the grotto you can see the `` royal garden '' with miniature mountain landscapes and the cleanest pond.

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Topic: Sung Sot Grotto in Vietnam.Sung Sot Grotto in Vietnam

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