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Forbidden Purple City in Vietnam, Hue Resort

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The Forbidden Purple City is a large complex of royal palaces reserved for kings and their families. The city was surrounded on all sides by a 6-meter wall, reaching a length of about 2.5 kilometers.

The complex was built during the reign of Zha Long, and was originally called Kung Thanh. The architectural ensemble of the City was made on a truly royal scale. According to sources, this residence was built in the likeness of the Forbidden City of Beijing.  

The construction of the complex was carried out by order of King Gia Long at the beginning of the 19th century. Originally, a citadel and a palace were built here, which were used only by members of the imperial family. Later, the emperor built several more palaces, halls and gates, which served as the administrative nucleus of the empire and his personal residence.

Today, unfortunately, only ruins remain of the Forbidden Purple City. Today, a partially restored two-story library can be seen here, the founding of the Theater Royal, dating from 1826, which previously housed the National Conservatory. One of the buildings houses fragments of murals, a collection of imperial robes and old photographs.

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Topic: Forbidden Purple City in Vietnam, Hue Resort.Forbidden Purple City in Vietnam, Hue Resort

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