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Pliska in Bulgaria

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Pliska is an ancient city located in the Shumen region in the northeastern part of Bulgaria. At one time, this small town was called Aboba, however, soon the archaeologist Fyodor Uspensky established that earlier on the site of the city there was Pliska – the first capital of Danube Bulgaria, after which archaeological work began here. In 1925, Ababa was renamed Pliska.

According to archaeological data, in 681-893 Pliska was the capital of Bulgaria. Khan Asparuh became the founder of the city. Territorially Pliska occupied 23 km 2 and was surrounded by a moat.

In 811 the city was sacked by the Byzantine army, but soon the invaders were driven back by Khan Krum.

В In 886, Boris the First founded the Pliska literary school in the city, It was headed by Naum Preslavsky.

In 882, it was here that Vladimir Rasate made an attempt to return to paganism.

After Simeon the First came to power, the capital was moved from Pliska to Preslav. In the 10th century, the city's importance began to decline, while in Preslav, on the contrary, resources and power were concentrated.

In 969-979, during the attacks of the Byzantine Empire and Kievan Rus, the city was completely destroyed, after which it was not rebuilt.

The ruins of ancient Pliska are today only three kilometers from the modern city.

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