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Freedom Square in the Czech Republic, Brno resort

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Freedom Square, located in the very center of Brno, is the largest square in the city. This ancient square was formed in the XIII century, thanks to the intersection of trade routes. Nowadays, festivals, fairs and various musical performances are held on the square.

The square got its current name in 1945. It was originally called the Lower Market. The central part of the city grew rather quickly. Local nobles and wealthy merchants set up many palaces around the square. Unfortunately, their original appearance has not survived to this day, since at the beginning of the 20th century all the buildings on the square were rebuilt in the neo-Renaissance style. The main attractions of the square are Klein Palace, Omega Palace, & The House of the Lords of Lipa, the Plague Column and the House of Four Boobies.

Previously, the square housed the Church of St. Mikulas, built in the 13th century. During the Swedish war, the temple housed a hospital. In 1869, the city authorities considered the building unnecessary, after which the church was demolished. During the demolition, two tombs were discovered under the temple. One of them belonged to the priest Vojtech, who died in 1399. The gravestones were transported to the episcopal house of the Morovo Museum of Local Lore. The statues of Saints Martin and Miklus, which adorned the facade of the building, were installed in the niche of the Church of St. Mary Magdalene.

During archaeological excavations, underground tunnels were discovered under the square. Today, a reminder of the Church of St. Mikulas is only the outline of the foundation of the temple, laid out in the place of its former location, and a commemorative bronze plate.

In 2006, a fountain was installed a few meters from the outline of the church. in a modern style, on which the poems of the famous poet B.Ya. Skatsela.    

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Topic: Freedom Square in the Czech Republic, Brno resort.Freedom Square in the Czech Republic, Brno resort

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