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Plaza Mayor in Spain, Madrid resort

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The order to create a square in the Arrabal quarter was given by King Philip the Third. He wanted to build a structure in the capital, thanks to which people will remember him for a long time. The square was designed by the architect Huang   Gomez is Mora. Lg decided to place it on the site of the old Arrabal Square, which had existed since the 16th century. The construction of the new square began in 1617, and finished – in 1619.  

This square was distinguished by rationality and urban style. It was executed in the Madrid Baroque style, characteristic of the era of Austrian rule. During the construction, the Bakery House, which has been standing here since 1590, was not destroyed. Opposite is the Butcher's House. The square is surrounded by arches under which there are various shops and souvenir shops.

In the center of the square there is a statue of Philip III on horseback.

Almost all of them have similar squares more or less large cities in Spain. They are a symbol of the country's unity.

Plaza Mayor is always full of tourists. In summer, various performances, concerts, carnivals, the city festival of the patron saint of Madrid, Isidor of Labrador, take place here. Before Christmas, a fair of decorations and cult objects is held in the square.  


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Topic: Plaza Mayor in Spain, Madrid resort.Plaza Mayor in Spain, Madrid resort

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