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Baiyunguan Temple in China, Beijing Resort

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The name of the temple translates as   Temple of White Clouds. It is the largest Taoist shrine of the Quanzhen school in Beijing. It is located in the Xicheng District and was founded in 739. There are many Taoist organizations located on the territory of the temple.

Originally, the temple was called"The Temple of Heavenly Eternity." In 722, Emperor Li Longji ordered the construction of this temple to begin. In addition, the emperor gave the future temple a statue of Lao Tzu.

In 1166, during the invasion of the south by the Qidan tribe, the temple was completely burned down. In 1167, the temple began to be restored, and by 1174 it was rebuilt again, increasing its area. In the same year, the temple was renamed the"Great Temple of Heavenly Eternity of the Ten Manuals."

In 1203, the temple was burned again, but it was immediately rebuilt again. renaming it"The Temple of the Highest Limit". In 1227, the temple was enlarged again and again renamed"Temple of Eternal Spring". With this name, the temple survived several more fires and destruction. Later, Emperor Zhu Di moved the temple slightly to the east, rebuilt it and enriched it with a new large Hall of Softness in the very center of the temple. Then the monastery was renamed the"Temple of White Clouds". In 1443, the temple was presented with a plaque with a name, which officially gave the name to the monastery.

After the People's Democratic Republic of China was founded, the government allocated money to rebuild the temple in 1956.

In 1957, the Chinese Taoist Society held their first conference in this temple. Since then, the temple has become the center of the Chinese Taoist Association. During the Cultural Revolution, the Association ceased to exist and was restored only in 1979.

Today, the Temple of White Clouds is a historical and cultural heritage of China. Within its walls are located such Taoist organizations as the Institute of Chinese Taoist Culture, the Chinese Taoist Academy and, of course, the Chinese Taoist Association. All organizations are engaged in educational and research activities. This makes the Temple of White Clouds a completely unique Taoist university.

The famous Taoist patriarch Changchun rests on the grounds of the Temple.

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