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Melnik Castle in the Czech Republic

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Melnik Castle represents one of the most popular castles located in the Czech Republic, reveals to its guests the secrets of secret rooms, the luxury of the interior and the comfort of tea and dining rooms. The castle is located 30 kilometers from Prague.

The rich interiors of the castle contain real treasures, which over the years have made up unique collections of paintings, furniture, hunting trophies and glass.

The castle was built at the confluence of the Labe and Vltava rivers. In the Middle Ages, widows and wives of kings, who were rejected by their titled husbands, found refuge in the castle walls. Such situations at that time were far from uncommon. Monarchs, tired of unhappy marriages, found themselves new favorites, and the former wives had to move to any other castle as far from home as possible.

The flourishing of the Melnik castle was marked with the coming to power of King Charles the Fourth. At that time, winemaking played one of the most important roles in the development of the state. Melnik was one of the leading winemaking centers in the Czech Republic. According to legend, Prince Wenceslas brought a vine from Burgundy and planted it near the castle. After harvesting the first harvest, the prince ordered to make wine from it. And today, in the huge collection of the castle's wine cellar, a variety of the noblest wines is presented.

Originally on the site of the castle in the 9th century, there was a wooden fortress, which eventually turned into a beautiful castle. In the 16th - 17th centuries, the castle underwent reconstruction work, during which the building acquired a Renaissance style.

Over the past two centuries, the owners of the castle have been the Lobkowicz princes, each generation of which adhered to the old noble traditions, as well as the traditions of Melnik hospitality. Nowadays, there are not so many residential castles in the world, and Melnik Castle can be considered an exception in this regard. Today, only half of the castle is open to tourists; the other part of it houses the owners' rooms.

Anyone can visit the collection of wine tasting in the wine cellar. For newlyweds, it is also possible to organize a wedding ceremony on the territory of the castle.

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Topic: Melnik Castle in the Czech Republic.Melnik Castle in the Czech Republic

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