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University of Bologna in Italy, Bologna resort

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The University of Bologna is the oldest continuously existing and currently operating university in Europe. Competitor of the University of Bologna in the Arab world – Al-Karaouin University of Morocco, which is the oldest continuously existing university. Nowadays, the university is part of the European university association Utrecht network.

The exact date of the university foundation is still unknown, however, undoubtedly, the fact remains that a school existed in the city for a long time `` liberal arts '', which enjoyed particular popularity in the 10th and 11th centuries. Here pupils studied Roman law in the form of extra classes.

The beginning of a deep study of law was laid by Irnerius at the end of the 11th century. Irnerius was a teacher at the art school. Irnerius opened public lectures in 1088, this year is considered the founding of his institute, where the legist held the chair until his death.

At the end of the 12th century, the school gained European fame thanks to the patronage of Frederick I, and also the scientific advantages of the teaching method.

From the day of its foundation, the university had two special features - ndash; it was an association of professors, to whom the students who attended their lectures were exclusively subordinate; the student association had the right to choose its own leaders for a certain period.

Another feature of the university was that it was legal, in contrast to the University of Paris, which was initially devoted only to theology. Roman law, which laid the foundation for the university, remained the main subject of teaching. Liberal arts and medicine were taught in the 13th century by renowned professors; in the 14th century, two other universities were also formed - – 'theology' and 'Medicine and Philosophy'. The university was subordinated to the supreme government of the popes.

The period of prosperity of the university came at the turn of the XII – XIII centuries. During this time, the new method of teaching glossators found wide application in oral presentation and essay.

Throughout its existence, the Bologna school has had a great influence on the whole of Western Europe. Today, the university library contains over 200   000 volumes.


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Topic: University of Bologna in Italy, Bologna resort.University of Bologna in Italy, Bologna resort

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