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Casa Vicens in Spain, Barcelona resort

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This house, designed by Antoni Gaudi, is the private family residence of Manuel Vicens. This building – debut, the first sufficiently serious work of an architect. In 2005, the house was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List as one of the works of Gaudi.

The building, which is located on rue Carrer de les Carolins, was built from 1883 to 1889. There was very little space for construction, but the four-story building turned out to be quite large - and ndash; the total area of its floors is 1160 square meters.

The house is asymmetrical, with protruding buttresses and pediments. The upper galleries are much more prominent. The towers, located on the flat roof, are made in a style very similar to the Moorish.

The building is open to visitors only on May 22nd, St. Rita's Day. On other days, you cannot get there, since this building is – private residence.  


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Topic: Casa Vicens in Spain, Barcelona resort.Casa Vicens in Spain, Barcelona resort

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