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Manor Guell (Palau Guell) in Spain, Barcelona resort

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This   the estate was built by the famous architect Antoni Gaudi in 1884-1887 as a country residence for Count Guell. The estate consists of a covered arena, stables and a residential building itself, one floor high.

The style of the estate is very similar to the Vicens House – like this building, it looks like houses from the Moorish period. The roofs of the arena and the residential building are crowned with lanterns and covered with domes. The facades are covered with decorative tiles, which contrasts sharply with the clinker-faced windows. It is worth paying attention to the brick cornices that surround the roof of the stables.

But especially in the ensemble of the estate, the entrance gates are impressive. Their height is 5 meters. They are made of wrought iron and have been called the Dragon Gate. because of the main motive of the decor. It is in these gates that the influence of the Art Nouveau style on Gaudi's work is especially noticeable.

Today, the estate houses an institution dedicated to the preservation and maintenance of the works of the famous architect. It is in this estate that permission is obtained to inspect especially valuable monuments created by Gaudi.  


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Topic: Manor Guell (Palau Guell) in Spain, Barcelona resort.Manor Guell (Palau Guell) in Spain, Barcelona resort

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