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Casa Mila in Spain, Barcelona resort

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This house was built for Pere Mila, a wealthy developer, and for his family. House Mila – Gaudi's last completed project, as well as the first UNESCO World Heritage Site built in the 20th century.

The construction of this house lasted 4 years, from 1906 to 1910. Almost immediately after completion the construction of the house began to be called the `` quarry '' or a 'stone cave'.

Mila's House – this is a real revolutionary building. This is expressed not only in the unusual facade, but also in the design of the building itself.

In the facade of the house, Gaudi's love for non-geometric, curved natural shapes. The undulating facade looks like a rock, on which rounded balconies and windows are scattered like caves and nests of swallows.

Columns and external walls play a supporting role in the house. Internal walls and partitions were relieved of this role, which was also unusual for that time. Thanks to the unique internal ventilation system invented by Gaudi, the house does not require air conditioning. The house is also constantly flooded with light – all rooms have windows, and the house has 6 light wells   two patios.

It is worth paying special attention to that terrace of the house. It is an Art Nouveau style `` reserve ''. This terrace is made up of gardens, stairs, quirky labor and more.  

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Topic: Casa Mila in Spain, Barcelona resort.Casa Mila in Spain, Barcelona resort

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