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Esquiline Gate in Italy, Rome resort

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The Porta Esquilina is one of the gates of the Servian wall, which has survived to this day as the Arch of Gallienus.

The gate was located on the Esquiline hill, the main road of the Subura region, clivus Suburanus, led to them from the city. Just behind the wall was the Labikan Road.

In the 1st century BC. the city cemetery was located at the gate. In rather, Gaius Cilny Maecenas created gardens at the burial site, which after his death passed into the possession of the emperor.

In 262, the gates were dedicated to the emperor Gallienus, the inscription on them testifies to this. In our time, the Esquiline Gate – a square structure made of traverine with an arch, in height reaching 7.3 meters, and in width – 3.5 meters. During the Middle Ages, two small side passages were demolished.

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Topic: Esquiline Gate in Italy, Rome resort.Esquiline Gate in Italy, Rome resort

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