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Servian Wall in Italy, Rome resort

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The Servian Wall is a Roman fortress wall located in the capital of Italy – Rome.

According to historians, the first walls of Rome began to appear in the 6th century BC. The surviving remains of the Servian wall date from the 4th century BC. Most likely, the wall was erected after the invasion of the Gauls, in about 390 BC

The remains of the wall can be seen in various places in the city – at Termini Station, on the Capitol, on Via Anselmo, on the Aventina and near Piazza Magnanapoli.

Tuff blocks were used to build the wall. Initially, the length of the wall reached 11 kilometers, the height – about 10 meters. The wall enclosed an area of approximately 426 hectares, also including the hills of Rome Palatine, Celius, Aventine, Quirinal, Viminal, Capitol and Esquiline.

The Servian wall had 17 gates – Porta Quirinalis, Porta Caelimontana, Porta Lavernalis, Porta Sanqualis, Porta Capena, Porta Querquetulana, Porta Carmentalis, Porta Trigemina, Porta Collina, Porta Viminalis, Porta Esquilina, Porta Salutaris, Porta Ratumenna, Porta Flumentana, Portauda Funeralis, Porta Funeralis .

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Topic: Servian Wall in Italy, Rome resort.Servian Wall in Italy, Rome resort

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