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Shanghai Zoo China, Shanghai Resort

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The area of this zoo is 153 hectares. The conditions in which animals live are as close to natural as possible. In total, about 620 species of animals from all over the Earth live here. In total, you can see 6   000 individuals in the zoo.   You can get around the zoo on foot, by car or by tourist tram.

The zoo is decorated with a large lake. In the middle of it there are three islands, which are chosen by migratory birds. Here is their"staging post" - their way passes through Australia, New Zealand and Siberia.

The zoo is home to the symbol of China - a giant panda. True, these animals almost always sleep and it is difficult to find them awake.

In addition to the panda, many Chinese animals live here, such as the peacock, golden monkey and South China tiger. In addition, foreign animals live here: penguins, Australian kangaroos, giraffes, chimpanzees and many others.

A very rare animal lives in the Shanghai Zoo - the freshwater turtle Soft-bodied Svayno. There are only a few of them left in the world. This type of turtle has been almost wiped out by poachers because of its soft shell.

Shanghai Zoo is also a park with about 600 plant species.  


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