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People's Square (Renmin) in China, Shanghai resort

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This square is the largest public square in Shanghai. The buildings of the Shanghai government are located on it. Near the square is the People's Park, the Museum of Art, the Shanghai Museum, the City Planning Committee, and the Shanghai Grand Theater.

The main attraction of the square is – Shanghai Museum. It opened in 1995. The building was designed by Chinese architect Xing Tonghe. In form, it is very similar to the ancient Chinese ritual vessel – ding. At the entrance to the museum there are stone lions and ancient mythical animals – bisi. The museum houses a collection of historical artifacts and works of art. There are 14 galleries in total, displaying coins, stamps, calligraphy, ceramics, paintings, sculptures, furniture, jade and bronze items and much more.

The Art Gallery is located in the building that used to be the Jockey Club. In it, viewers can see a collection of foreign and Chinese artwork.

The Shanghai Bolshoi Theater now performs both modern productions and famous foreign performances and musicals. The theater building looks like a pagoda in shape. Here, by the way, is the largest theater stage in the world.

To the west of the theater is the massive and representative building of the City Hall. Further west is the Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall. It displays miniature models that reflect the past and future of Shanghai.  

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Topic: People's Square (Renmin) in China, Shanghai resort.People's Square (Renmin) in China, Shanghai resort

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