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Le Mat in Vietnam

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Authoritative oriental medicine has long recognized food from snake meat and remedies based on snake venom as one of the effective methods for treating many diseases of the body.

The village of Le Mat, which is located in the northern outskirts of Vietnam. Once here, one cannot help but hear a beautiful legend about a young man who saved a beautiful princess from a monster that overturned the boat. The fearless fisherman managed to defeat a huge sea serpent, thereby relieving the population of the village from fear.

Today, the profession of a snake catcher, as before, is respected and honored. Every year on March 23, the villagers celebrate the Serpentine Festival. On an impromptu stage, the legend of the brave fisherman comes to life again and again.

Nowadays Le Mat is one of the main suppliers of snake meat to all restaurants in the country. Various types of venomous snakes such as cobra, viper, water snake and asp are bred on snake farms here.

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Topic: Le Mat in Vietnam.Le Mat in Vietnam

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