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Pia Gate in Italy, Rome resort

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The Pia Gate is one of the gates of the Roman Aurelian Wall, erected next to the demolished Nomentan Gate by Pope Pius the Fourth of the Medici family.

The Pia Gate became the last project of Michelangelo, which was presented by the great architect in three versions. Of these, the pontiff chose the cheapest. The facade of the gate was erected in 1561-1565, the construction work was supervised by the architect Giacomo del Duca.

In 1851, the gate was seriously damaged by lightning hitting it, but was soon restored by the Pope Roman Pius the Ninth. During the restoration work, a magnificent pediment made in the classicism style was added to the gate from the city side. Statues were installed in the niches.

In 1870, on September 20, the Pia gate went down in the history of the country, when the Bersaglier troops entered Rome through a gap in the wall. This event marked the completion of the risorgimento.

In the 30s of the XX century, a monument in honor of the Bersaglier was erected on the square in front of the gate, and a museum dedicated to them was located in the next building. tomb of Enrico Toti – national hero.

In 1926, on September 11, bomb thrower Gino Luchetti made an unsuccessful attempt on Mussolini's life near the Pia gate.


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Topic: Pia Gate in Italy, Rome resort.Pia Gate in Italy, Rome resort

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