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Parc Guell in Spain, Barcelona resort

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This park is a true masterpiece of Gaudi's work. The park has been created for 14 years – from 1900 to 1914. It is located on the Valcarca hill, in the Gracia district, near the then city center. The initiator of the creation of the park was Eusebio Guell, after whom the park was later named. Guell was inspired by English garden cities, and so he wanted something similar to be in Barcelona.

A total of 40 villas and houses for wealthy citizens were planned to be built, but the project turned out to be economically unprofitable , and only three houses were built. Gaudi lived in one of them almost until his death. This house now houses a museum dedicated to this great architect.

Potential residents in the garden city were not satisfied with its location – neither close nor far from the center. Therefore, the heirs of Guell subsequently sold the park to the city government, and that, in turn, opened it to all people.

The park reflects Gaudi's love for undulating and winding forms. From the entrance, on the sides of which there are two gingerbread houses, there is a winding staircase with animal figures, the coat of arms of Catalonia and a small fountain. Here, on the stairs, is one of the symbols of Barcelona, the mosaic dragon. The staircase leads to the Hall of the Hundred Columns. In fact, it has only 86 columns. They support a vaulted ceiling, which is decorated with medallions, colored glass and other decorations. Today concerts are often held in this hall, as the acoustics are very good here.

In 1984 the park was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.


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Topic: Parc Guell in Spain, Barcelona resort.Parc Guell in Spain, Barcelona resort

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