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Zlata street in the Czech Republic, Prague resort

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Zlata street or Golden street is located in the most ancient part of Prague – Prague Castle. This is a small street with colorful, toy-like houses built into the fortress wall, located not far from St. Vitus Cathedral.

In the distant 16th century, there was a devastating fire here, after which Emperor Rudolph II of Habsburg gave consent to his court archers and minters of coins to be accommodated in these houses. However, the place was small and everyone settled as best they could. This story later seemed rather boring to the city dwellers, and as a result, a legend was invented about the alchemists who served the emperor, who was fond of magic. Alchemists chose this place for themselves so that outsiders could not see how they make gold. As the Prague old-timers assured, alchemists obtained gold thanks to magic, and the secret of its creation was known only to the emperor, who took it to the grave.

Nowadays there are shopping arcades on the street, where excellent souvenirs, dolls and prints can be purchased. Previously, Franz Kafka lived in one of these houses for some time. Today, some of the houses in Prague where Kafka lived have memorial plaques. This famous writer did not like to stay in one place for a long time, so he constantly wandered from one place to another.

In the evening, when the shopping streets are quiet, Golden Street is saturated with the spirit of the Middle Ages. The two towers at the end and the beginning of the street appear darker than in daylight. The towers were built in the 15th century and served as a prison for dangerous criminals.

The most famous of the towers is the Daliborka tower, which is associated with an interesting legend. In 1498 the knight Dalibor was imprisoned in the tower. In order not to starve to death, he asked the jailers to buy him a violin, giving his last savings. He quickly learned to play, and for the excellent game, the townspeople daily put money and food for him in a bag that the violinist dropped from his cell window.


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Topic: Zlata street in the Czech Republic, Prague resort.Zlata street in the Czech Republic, Prague resort

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