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Victoria Peak in China, Hong Kong resort

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This 552 meter peak was named after Queen Victoria. It is the highest point of the island. The second name of this peak is – Mount Austin. The mountain is located in the west and is a small hill with several peaks and peaks.

The British played a huge role in the development of Hong Kong. It was they who considered this mountain very important for the development of tourism. In the 1880s, Victoria Peak became one of Hong Kong's trendiest destinations. And in 1885, the first cable car was built here, and a little later - – and tram lines.

Locals call Victoria Peak simply The Peak. It is now the most prestigious place in Hong Kong. From its top, a magnificent view of the island opens.

You can get to the top of the mountain on foot, by funicular, by tram and by road. The most popular is the funicular -   the journey takes only 8 minutes. It was opened in 1888 and is still the steepest ski lift in the world. Sometimes the angle of inclination of the path is 45 °.

At the very top of the peak there is the Peak tower, which is very much like a wok – Chinese frying pan. The observation deck of this tower offers a magnificent view of Hong Kong. In general, the tower is a huge fair – it houses various souvenir shops, restaurants and shops.

The Wax Museum and a playground are also located at the peak.  

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Topic: Victoria Peak in China, Hong Kong resort.Victoria Peak in China, Hong Kong resort

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