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Mount Everest description and photos - Nepal

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Mount Everest description and photos - Nepal

Mount Everest description and photos - Nepal. Detailed information about the attraction. Description, photographs and a map showing the nearest significant objects. The name in English is Mount Everest.

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The dream of all climbers is the highest mountain on Earth, Everest. The inhabitants of Nepal call it Sagarmatha, the Tibetans call it Chomolungma. The mountain has two peaks - North and South. The height of the North is 8848 m, the height of the South is 8760 m. The border between Nepal and China runs along the South Summit of Everest. The main peak of the mountain is in China.

Everest is a pyramidal mountain. Its southern, more steep slope is devoid of snow cover. It is connected by two passes with the Lhotse peaks, whose height is 8516 meters, and Changse, which rises "only" by 7543 meters. Glaciers are located closer to the peaks of Everest.

Europeans until the middle of the 19th century called Everest Peak XV. In 1852, English surveyors were able to establish the height of this mountain. They named it after the surveyor George Everest. For a long time, climbers all over the world dreamed of conquering the highest mountain on the planet, but the Nepalese and Tibetans in every possible way prevented this, believing that foreigners would disturb the peace of the gods. Only in 1921 the local authorities allowed the ascent of Everest. The first attempts to get to the top of the world were made in 1921-1924 by the climber from England George Mallory. Three times he stormed Chomolungma, and in 1924, according to the assurances of Mallory's companions, who remained in the transshipment camp, he succeeded. Unfortunately, Mallory did not return from this expedition. His body was discovered in 1999 at the summit of Everest.

The successful ascent of Everest was made in 1953 by a mountaineer from New Zealand, Edmund Hillary, who was accompanied by local Sherpa Tenzing.

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