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Huangshan Nature Reserve in China

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This nature reserve is located on the slopes of Huangshan Mountain. Its territory is divided into several areas.

The first area is called the Jade Screen; or 'Salon of Masterpieces'. Here you can see bizarre pine trees and interesting mountain peaks. On the rocks are inscribed inscriptions that were performed by calligraphers from different centuries, eminent personalities, as well as ordinary visitors.

The second region is the `` North Sea '' located at an altitude of 1600 meters. Its main attraction is – thousands of pines and Shixin peak. There are also hot springs, around which are located sanatoriums, clinics, summer cottages and   rest houses. Along the banks of two rivers – Tangquanxi and Taohuashi – there are hotels, gazebos, shops and cinemas.

The area of another area – The Cloud Valley is 16.5 square kilometers. This cool valley is famous for its fog, which changes color from pink to bright red at sunset.

Pine Valley Area; located in the north of Huangshan tourist area. 6.5 thousand steps lead to this zone. From the very top of the landscape area, there is a wonderful view of ponds, gorges and rocks. Recently, a 10 km long road was built here, which connects the Suspension Bridge monastery. and the Central Gazebo of the Botanical Garden. There are 15 viewing platforms, 6 waterfalls and 10 stone bridges along the road. The area is most picturesque during light rains when the trees and mountains are covered with fog.

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Topic: Huangshan Nature Reserve in China.Huangshan Nature Reserve in China

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