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Citadel in Montenegro, Budva resort

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The Citadel fortress from the Middle Ages is dedicated to St. Mary. This is one of the largest and most impressive architectural works in Budva. In the Middle Ages, this architecturally autonomous object was the most important defensive structure of the Montenegrin coast. The complex of buildings includes powerful fortress walls, the ruins of the old church of St. Mary and the old gates. Here you can also see the squares and barracks buildings.

Here you can see a very rare collection of books and maps of the Balkan Peninsula, often hand-colored. From the library flows the Gallery, where exhibitions of paintings, museum presentations and various concerts are periodically held. Theater troupes from the Budva theater and other theaters of the country also perform on the squares of the Citadel.

The ground floor of the building is occupied by a secluded restaurant with a great cozy atmosphere and delicious food. The terrace offers a beautiful view of the island of St. Nicholas and the endless sea distance. In the southwestern part of the Citadel, you can find a number of luxury apartments, built within the framework of the original unique architecture. A lighthouse adjoins them.  


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Topic: Citadel in Montenegro, Budva resort.Citadel in Montenegro, Budva resort

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