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Budva. Recreation and entertainment

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Beach holidays

The city of Budva has a large number of excellent beaches, the total length of which is about 11.3 kilometers. There are four beautiful beaches within the city: Slavic Beach, Mogren, Pisana and Guvance.

Small pebble Slavic beach is one of the longest and most popular in the resort. The beach is 1600 meters long. Slavic beach is equipped with sun loungers, umbrellas, changing rooms, shower. There is also a cafe and a hotel nearby.

The Mogren pebble beach, located at the foot of the cliffs, is one of the resort's popular beaches. The beach is located just 500 meters from the central part of the old town.

In the vicinity of the city there are also several interesting beaches that are perfect for active and family holidays.

One of the most beautiful in Montenegrin the coast is the sandy beach Jaz, the length of which is 1200 meters. The beach is located 3 kilometers from the city. Near the beach there is a camping for 2 thousand places, and there is also a guarded parking. You can get from the beach to the city by city taxi or bus.

The small sandy beach Trsteno is located 2.5 kilometers from the city. This is the perfect place for a family vacation. The bottom here very smoothly goes down, and the depth begins only after 50 meters.

The farthest from Budva (5-6 kilometers) is the stone beach Ploce. The transparency of the water here is over 35 meters. The beach is well equipped, has a parking, a restaurant, umbrellas and sun loungers, as well as swimming pools for adults and children.

A kilometer from the city is St. Nicholas Island, which is abundantly covered with Mediterranean vegetation ... The excellent beaches of the island stretch for 840 meters. There is also a small summer restaurant where visitors will be offered delicious vegetable and fish dishes.



A large number of cafes, restaurants and bars are concentrated on the embankment, This musical festival of classical music attracts the best Montenegrin, Serbian and European performers.

Every summer in the city, in the old citadel Grad-Theater is arranged. Music concerts of the festival are held at the Church of St. Mary in Punta.

Sightseeing and tourism

City citadel, built in the 15th century, previously served as a defensive fortress ... Today, the citadel is the venue for various colorful festivals.

One of the oldest churches in the city is the Church of St. Mary in Punta. According to archaeologists, the church was built in the 9th century. The unique architecture creates amazing acoustics inside the building, that is why music concerts are often held here.

A special place in the city for Orthodox peasants is the church Holy Trinity. The building was built on the site where the church of the Podostrog monastery once stood.

Church of St. Ivan, built in the 9th century, has been rebuilt several times. A special feature of the church is its bell tower, which gracefully rises above Budva.

On Poets Square you can see stone table and chair,

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