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Fort Monte in China, Macau resort

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This fort hangs directly over the ruins of St. Paul's Cathedral. It is a very serious defensive structure. Its cast-iron cannons once controlled not only the land but also the coastal waters.

The fortress was built by the Jesuits at the same time as the cathedral. It was built from 1617 to 1626. On the day of John the Baptist, June 24, 1622, during the defense against the Dutch attacking the fortress, their gunpowder store was destroyed by a cannon shot. Because of this, the Dutch had to retreat, and luck was attributed to the saint, who has since been considered the patron saint of Macau.

In 1998, the fort was turned into a museum in Macau. The halls of the museum are located right in the premises of the citadel.  

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Topic: Fort Monte in China, Macau resort.Fort Monte in China, Macau resort

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