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Camel Riding in Egypt

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Image Camels by the pyramids of Giza

When tourists today they go to Egypt, they live in luxury resorts in comfortable hotel complexes with beautiful pools and surrounded by sheer greenery. But Egypt is also a desert with nomads constantly struggling with sandstorms and lack of water, sharp fluctuations in temperature and daytime heat.

The symbol of Egypt is the pyramids, and the second the symbol of the country is camels. Just as the desert in Egypt surrounds everywhere, so camels can be found everywhere, even on the beach. In order to feel the flavor of this country, the best option would be to leave the hotel with its cozy beaches and head into the desert. Such excursions are offered everywhere. It would be amazing to visit Egypt and not ride a camel. Camel riding is very popular with tourists. This entertainment leaves vivid impressions and a lot of emotions.

Image Camel riding

Camels are very peaceful and good-natured animals, and rumors that they spit are highly exaggerated. Although, it is quite possible that calm animals are selected for tourists. In a calm state, camels usually lie and seem to be quite short animals. Recumbent camels are relatively compact after all, they tuck their long legs under themselves so that together with the body they form a single lump. Maybe in this way, camels manage to better endure sandstorms, since they blow less. If you pay attention to the muscles of a camel, you will notice their power and strength. When the camels rise and stand on their feet, you can immediately see how tall they really are. This is especially felt if you climb on a camel. There is no desire to jump, especially since the sand in the desert differs from the beach one, because it is not so soft, but, on the contrary, is pressed almost like asphalt.

Image Reclining camels are relatively compact

When visiting Egypt for the first time, you need to be vigilant: you should not be led by an offer to ride a camel near the pyramids. It is certainly very attractive to sit astride such a super-animal, but here you can run into small problems. Egyptians are an enterprising people and can only take a dollar to climb a camel, but to get off, you can pay much more. The cost depends on who you run into, you may have to pay 20 dollars. Getting off the camel yourself is almost impossible.

Image Camels are hardy animals

Camels are not may not attract attention. They became famous for their unpretentiousness and endurance. For the desert, the camel is a very beneficial animal. It can withstand a long time without water, which is a vital product, especially in desert conditions. At the same time, camels can carry large loads, which is very important for the desert. But a camel traveling in the desert is not only a means of transportation that does not require special care and additional costs, but also milk and wool that can be obtained from them during the trip.
Image Children riding a camel

Most appreciated two-humped camels, since the place between the humps can perfectly replace the saddle. Even the most inexperienced rider and the person who first sat on a camel will not be difficult to stay on it. It is these camels that are used to ride tourists in the desert. When it is necessary to climb or dismount from a camel, he crouches, only after being sat on him, he rises to his feet. There is an opinion that it is more comfortable to sit on a camel than on a horse due to its humps. But, do not forget that camels are much taller than horses, and even more so Egyptian ones, so it is not recommended to jump from it, as you can get injured.

Riding camels usually takes place in the presence of a guide. If you follow all the recommendations and rules that the guide will acquaint you, then riding a camel is absolutely safe. Tourists ride camels very carefully, the Egyptians lead them on a leash. Even a child who is only 4 years old will stay on a camel and will not fall. Camel riding leaves a lot of vivid impressions.

Image Evening in a Bedouin village

Together with Camel rides are popular with Bedouin dinners. Although in Egypt the majority of the population lives in houses, there are still Bedouins who live in tents. Any tourist who wants to get a closer look at nomadic life can buy a ticket for an excursion to the Bedouins and ride a camel. The tour begins in the evening, a group of tourists change to camels and go to the place where the Bedouins are located. Bedouins serve a hearty dinner consisting of traditional dishes. After a hearty dinner, the hosts offer strong aromatic coffee or herbal tea. Thus, on this excursion you can see the life of nomads and ride camels.

Image Camel excursion

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