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Mount Sinai in Egypt, Sinai Peninsula resort

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Mount Moses, or Mount Sinai,   is located on the Sinai Peninsula,   in its southern part. This mountain has several names – Mount Tour, Mount Horeb and many others. This place is – one of the most important religious sites for Jews and Christians.

If you rely on the Old Testament, then Horeb – this is the mountain on which the Lord appeared to Moses, and where he gave him the ten commandments. At the top of the mountain there is the Holy Trinity Chapel, where the stone from which the tablets were made by God is kept. In addition to the chapel, there are many more revered places and shrines. That is why a lot of pilgrims gather here every year.

Mount Moses reaches a height of 2285 meters. If you go up from the monastery of St. Catherine, the journey will take about 2-3 hours. You can get to the very top in two ways – on the steps of the Ladder of Repentance, carved into the rock, or along the Camel Trail. The path along the Ladder is shorter, but also more difficult. And along the Camel Trail, part of the path can be traveled by camels. This path was paved in the 19th century for people who were unable to climb the Staircase of Repentance.

Almost all tours to the Mountain of Moses are organized at night so as to meet the dawn at the top of the mountain. In general, a magnificent view of the Sinai Mountains opens from the top.

You can get to Mount Sinai from Sharm el-Sheikh, travel time – about 4 hours. Excursions to Mount Sinai are also organized from other resorts of the Sinai Peninsula.

Topic: Mount Sinai in Egypt, Sinai Peninsula resort.Mount Sinai in Egypt, Sinai Peninsula resort

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