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Where to go on vacation with a child in November?

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In late autumn, it is difficult to choose a place where you can relax with children. Of course, one would like to return to the hot summer from the gloomy autumn, but a sharp change in climate is sometimes difficult to endure not only for children, but also for adults. So it is better to go to warm countries in November only if you and your child have already traveled abroad at least once.

It is worth remembering that in no case should you go with your child to a country with a too humid climate - children are very hot and not comfortable there.



In November, Russian tourists prefer to rest in Egypt. During school holidays, there comes an ideal time to relax - the African sun is no longer so hot, and the water temperature resembles fresh milk. In Egyptian hotels, by the way, there are almost always children's clubs, and sometimes even Russian-speaking nannies work in them, so you can safely leave your child there.

True for traveling with a toddler under three years old, or for a child's first trip at sea, Egypt is not very suitable. There are some problems with medical attention and all kinds of infections are common. In general, Egypt is not considered a particularly safe country, so only parents can decide whether it is worth taking the risk and going there with a child.


Tunisia has become very popular in recent years. The weather here at this time is suitable, so that the child will not suffer from too sharp temperature drops - there is about +21 ° C. Only now to swim in the sea, most likely, will not work - the water temperature drops to +18 ° C. But all hotels have heated pools, often there is even an indoor and outdoor pool, so anyone, including a child, can swim to their heart's content.

By the way, if you want to improve your health or your child's health then you can visit the spa and thalassotherapy sessions. And the prices for tours to Tunisia are quite low and successfully compete with Egyptian ones.

Tunisia hotels successfully accept tourists with children. It is possible to put an extra bed in the room, and the menu always has a lot of dishes that are suitable for kids.

Russians with children prefer to relax in the resort town of Hammamet - that's where couples and elderly people usually rest. Hammamet is famous for its lush gardens and beaches without algae and coral. There is also a lot of entertainment for children: dolphinariums, water parks and amusement parks. There are always children's clubs in hotels - if parents want to relax alone or go on an excursion, then you can order a nanny for the child, and if you look, even a Russian-speaking one.


Seed on the sea

Also, each hotel has a playground with kids animators will play. It costs money, but the babysitting is really good. In the evenings, discos are organized for children, and in the evenings there are performances and discos for adults. If the child is not very young and can handle a two-hour bus ride, then you can go to Carthage or the Sahara desert for an excursion.

Children will also be interested in sailing on a ship, very similar to a pirate ship. Especially for the little ones, funny performances are arranged there. And children over the age of eight will be happy to ride children's ATVs.

Other destinations

An even more suitable option for a trip is UAE, but this country is not for everyone affordable. Australia and Indonesia offer very good weather conditions, but these countries are also quite expensive. By the way, it is better to come to the island of Bali in Indonesia at the beginning of the month - at the end of November the rainy season begins there.

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Topic: Where to go on vacation with a child in November?.Where to go on vacation with a child in November?

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