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Fishing in the UAE

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United Arab Emirates - rich country. She is also rich in all kinds of underwater inhabitants, which, if desired, you can hunt. It's about fishing in the UAE.

Where to fish in the UAE?

They fish in the United Arab Emirates mainly in the waters of the Persian Gulf or in the Indian Ocean.

Image UAE Fishing Harbor

The Persian Gulf is home to a wide variety of marine life, and if you go to Dubai (this is the city of choice for fishing in the Persian Gulf), you can arrange fishing right from the shore. Among the favorite places among fishermen are the Sif Embankment or the Al Maktoum Bridge. Of course, fishing within the city has its costs, such as murky water, but the fish caught is quite fit for human consumption. This is a great option for independent fishing, but you will have to stock up on everything you need yourself. And even under such conditions, it remains the most optimal for anglers with a modest budget. You can also save money by hiring an araba boat and going out into the bay to the mouth of the Dubai Bay.

Image Arba boat

But, of course, maximum emotions can be obtained only during deep-sea fishing in the Persian Gulf. Here you will have to fork out for a decent boat, you can even pay for the crew's services. The vessel will be equipped with everything necessary for fishing on the high seas, at a distance of 12 to 40 miles from the coastline.

Image Deep sea fishing

Don't forget that this is the Arab Emirates, a mecca of luxury tourism, which means that wealthy fishermen, who are ready to part with a certain amount of money, will be provided with a set of additional amenities. It can be a more impressive yacht, which will have comfortable cabins for rest, restrooms and other components of a good rest. Such ships, as a rule, have modern navigation equipment, an echo sounder and all kinds of devices that will be useful in the process of fishing, as well as its storage. Needless to say, all the equipment you need for fishing will be taken care of. The responsive and friendly crew will assist in the very process of fishing, provide any assistance, and even help to capture what is happening on video. The team, as a rule, is made up of experienced fishermen, and they probably have their own explored fishing spots, which they will be happy to share with you.

Image Sailfish

As for the catch, the waters in Dubai are rich in barracuda, mackerel, sea bass, medium-sized sharks and other exotic underwater inhabitants. Tuna, royal fish, lilac Indian mackerel or golden seriorella are considered to be successful catch. Well, the most cherished and desired trophy among fishermen in the UAE is the sailfish, which can reach up to two meters in length. It is not an easy task to lift such a whopper on board, but the impressions will remain unforgettable.

It should be separately mentioned that the Persian Gulf is a place of magnificent beauty, there is very beautiful nature here that will help maintain a good mood.

If you want to try your luck in the Indian Ocean, then you have a direct road to Fujairah. This emirate is less famous than Dubai, but from this it is no worse than its famous brother.

Image Fishing in Fujairah

Fishing rules UAE

The government of the Emirates carefully protects its fish resources, therefore, to fish in the city, you will have to obtain a permit. Of course, the procedure for obtaining it may seem like an unjustified waste of effort in a short-term vacation, but nothing can be done. Violators face very impressive fines. Better, after all, to go on a full-fledged fishing tour, protecting yourself from persecution by the UAE authorities.

Image Big catch

Traditional fishing methods in UAE

Hadra: the method consists in using fence traps, which are set perpendicular to the shore, and which lead the victim into a maze, after which during at ebb she becomes helpless.

Gargour: These fishing traps are shaped like a semicircle. They are woven from palm leaves and have a decoy inside.

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