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Istanbul Flea Markets

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Istanbul – a city with a very rich historical heritage, it has gone through a lot, and it would be strange if a large number of antiques and antiques had not accumulated behind its walls.

Just make a reservation that the law in this case is not very friendly to buyers of antiques, it is forbidden to export items from Turkey older than the beginning of the 20th century. Customs officers may seem drowsy to you, but be sure not to joke with them.

Important: Items over 100 years old require a special permit to prove that your purchase has no historical value.

Where to go for antiques in Istanbul? There are a number of flea markets in the city: in Ortakey, on the Bosphorus, in Kadikoy on the Asian coast, Atlas passage on Istiklal street. Particular attention should be paid to the market in the Cukurcuma quarter of Beyoglu.

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Topic: Istanbul Flea Markets.Istanbul Flea Markets

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