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Spa treatment in Spain

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Image Thermal spring in Spain

Everything health tourism is becoming more and more popular in the world. Spain is one of the most attractive countries when it comes to spa treatment. The country has unique thermal springs with healing water. It is in the places where they are located that there are sanatorium-resort health institutions, of which there are about 2000 in Spain. The Spaniards have extensive experience in using the healing power of the sea, therefore the main areas of spa treatment are balneotherapy and thalassotherapy.

Image Thalassotherapy

Balneotherapy is based on the use of mineral water, with which treatment and prevention of various diseases. Thermal waters are used for drinking, used for bathing, used for inhalation, washing and irrigation. Thalassotherapy – treatment by the sea. Thanks to the sea water, mud, algae and sea air, which are used during the procedures, many diseases are treated.

The location of thermal springs affects their properties. Naturally, the resorts and sanatoriums that are located next to them specialize in the treatment of various diseases.

Image Valencia Resort

The main locations of the sanatoriums are several regions of Spain: Valencia, Murcia, Catalonia and Andalusia. Due to the low temperature of the Andalusian waters, diseases associated with urological problems, including cystitis, pyelonephritis and urolithiasis, are treated here. Murcia has very salty sea water, which is even compared to the water in the Dead Sea, and it helps to treat diseases related to the musculoskeletal system and skin diseases. On the waters of Valencia, cleansing and detoxification of the body, weight loss, and also in local sanatoriums they help to fight depression are successfully carried out, which arose due to dissatisfaction with their appearance. In Catalonia there are balneological sanatoriums where diseases related to the respiratory system, gastrointestinal tract, and circulatory system are treated. In addition, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, nervous system and skin are successfully treated here.

Image Very salty sea water in Murcia

Recently, the SHA wellness center, located in Playa del Albir, near Valencia, has become very popular. It is washed by the warm Mediterranean Sea and surrounded by the magnificent scenery of the peaks of the Sierra Elada mountains. There is a park-reserve near the center, having the largest fish and bird habitats. Thanks to the mild and pleasant climate of this region, comfortable air temperature throughout the year, this area is recognized by the World Health Organization as the territory with the best climate in the world, the most optimal for maintaining good health.

Image SHA Wellness Center in Playa del Albir

A distinctive feature of the health institutions in Spain is that they, regardless of their profile, provide cosmetic services. After all, thermal water contains useful trace elements that give an excellent anti-aging effect. In Spanish sanatoriums, not only traditional cosmetic procedures are provided, but oriental methods of rejuvenation are also practiced, and hardware cosmetology is also actively used.

Many Spanish health resorts have a long history, but currently they are modern medical and spa centers with a wide range of services. In Spain, you can be treated in two ways: pay for the entire complex of procedures at once or pay for each procedure separately. Before a complex of medical and recreational procedures is prescribed, it is necessary to undergo a full medical examination in any sanatorium in Spain. Physicians should ensure that the stay in the sanatorium will not have adverse consequences.

Image In the SPA center

The atmosphere in Spanish sanatoriums are calm and measured, which is a good emotional background for a quick recovery. In addition, spa treatment in Spain can be combined with visiting numerous attractions, of which there are a lot in this country. Near any sanatorium, you can find places worth visiting, where excursions are organized. Thus, you can combine health tourism with sightseeing.

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Topic: Spa treatment in Spain.Spa treatment in Spain

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