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Holidays in Bulgaria with children

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Bulgaria is located in the temperate continental and Mediterranean climates. In summer, the Black Sea coast is warm, but without extremely hot temperatures, so even young children will feel comfortable on the sunny beaches of Bulgaria. There is little precipitation in summer, and in the south of the country, August – the driest month.

The average July temperature is + 26 ° C in the shade, although by mid-day on the sea coast the air can warm up to + 29 ° C. Large temperature readings for Bulgaria are already considered an anomaly.

The maximum temperature of sea water in the resorts of Bulgaria is recorded in August – in the coastal strip it is on average +25 oC.

If you are planning to have a rest in Bulgaria with children in winter, then it is worth remembering – the temperatures of the ski resorts differ from the national average. If in the same Sofia in January the temperature rarely drops below +2 ° C, then on the slopes of Pamporovo or another winter resort, the average minimum is considered to be -15 ° C.


Despite the fact that 60% of the hotels in the Bulgarian resorts were built in the 70-80s, today we can say with confidence – there are modern hotels for a comfortable stay with a child in Bulgaria.

The most popular segment for families with children in Bulgaria is – these are complexes of the 3-star level, working with the all-inclusive system. The rooms of these hotels have optional baby cots or a sofa bed as a third bed, where the child can rest in peace.

These hotels have a staff of animators, nannies and governesses. True, you will have to pay extra for their services separately. A number of hotels in Bulgaria have their own children's recreation areas, playgrounds and even children's pools, but this luxury began to appear relatively recently, and you need to find out about the availability of specific amenities at the stage of booking a room.

Important: Bulgarian hotels actively support the early booking system. In high season, prices for accommodation soar to the average European level, and if you book a room and pay in full for your stay 3-4 months in advance, you can save up to 30% compared to summer rates.

About safety in `` children's ''; hotels in Bulgaria are also not worth worrying about – if the hotel operates in the format of a family vacation, then its adjacent territory is isolated, and video surveillance is scattered around the perimeter, and security guards are on duty.


The issue of food for families with children in Bulgaria is solved very easily – just book an all-inclusive hotel, indicating that you will be staying with your child. In this case, the menu will be compiled taking into account the age of your child, and some hotels are actively introducing a system of separate children's and dietary menus.

As for the national cuisine of Bulgaria, it is very similar to Russian culinary traditions. Local dishes do not have an extreme amount of spices and herbs; there are many vegetable dishes and cold snacks. Separately, it should be said about seafood, which in the resort area of Bulgaria form the basis of any menu.

But what should be taken with caution – it is about buying local vegetables and fruits at farmers' markets. You will be assured that these are environmentally friendly products, and often they are, but before you eat them – it is better not just to wash, but also to carefully peel them. It is especially important to buy grapes.

Active rest

The best resorts for families with children in Bulgaria in recent years are Golden Sands, Nessebar and Sunny Beach. These resort areas have a developed infrastructure of water parks, water activities, as well as sports grounds at hotels, ideal for adults, and for children.

The system 'Mom and the Sea' operating in Bulgaria will become attractive for parents. In hotels with their own spa salons, specially trained animators began to work, organizing an active program for children. During this time, parents calmly relax in the beauty and health rooms, knowing that their children are safe.

Bulgarian hotels have also taken care of children with skin problems. In complexes with a comfort level of 4 stars and above, sports grounds are located in areas shaded by trees, which allows you to avoid an overdose of ultraviolet light.

Important: When sending a child to the Bulgarian beaches in August, you need to remember on the increasing activity of jellyfish this month. You or an accompanying adult should have ointments for burns and other related products.

Children's holidays in Bulgaria are more popular every year

According to the Federal Tourism Agency and the Association of Tour Operators, the demand for family tours in Bulgaria from Russia and the former republics of the USSR grows by 5-6% every year. The reason for this 'love' is the same early booking policy – even in the current crisis situation, it allowed to increase the demand for tours by up to 30% compared to 2014.

The visa policy also had a positive effect on the demand for families with children in Bulgaria. Children under the age of 16 are issued a visa free of charge, and the processing of an application from an adult applicant takes, on average, 4-5 days. Such conditions could not but affect the general demand for Bulgarian destinations, and not only for children and families.

Of course, the data of the pre-crisis 2013 is still a long way off, but official statistics show that Russian parents are all more often they send their children on vacation to this particular country. Even the fact of a gradual transition to the euro and a certain rise in prices for hotels with a rating above 3 stars does not affect demand in any way. The reason is trivial – even the more expensive Bulgaria is cheaper than Greece or Cyprus.


The central excursion center of Bulgaria, both for adults and children, is the country's capital – Sofia. If your child is interested in architecture, which is unlikely, then it is worth walking through the historic quarters of the city, by ordering an inexpensive excursion with a Russian-speaking guide. Many tourists advise visiting the Historical Museum at least once, and teenagers will certainly be interested in the Museum of Socialist Art.

As part of excursions around Sofia, you can visit one of the local theaters. Ticket prices are low even in the height of summer, and the repertoire of children and youth on the Bulgarian stage is quite good. The only negative – all performances are in Bulgarian, but in most cases – this is not something critical.

To get acquainted with the culture of the brotherly people, it is worth going to the tourist complex `` Bulgarian Village '', located in the town of Bata, which is 45 minutes drive from Sunny Beach. The ethnographic complex has its own programs for children and adults, vividly and cognitively introducing the centuries-old traditions and culture of the Bulgarians.

Fraudsters in Bulgaria – truth or fiction?

Unfortunately, with the increase in tourist flow in Bulgaria, there is a constant increase in fraudulent schemes aimed at ripping off as much money as possible from visiting guests. So far, there are not many such schemes, but you still need to know about them in advance.

Taxi drivers have been the first on the list of swindlers in Bulgaria for many years. Local cabbies have come up with many ways to increase tariffs – from the lack of a trifle to the suddenly turned off meter.

Tourists who have encountered such a problem are advised to use only the services of taxi companies, who provide a car on call. Better and ndash; to book transport several days in advance with a pre-agreed price of the trip.

Another serious problem in Bulgaria is – currency exchange. Local levs are still in use, so the question of where to exchange bills is always relevant.

Most often, exchange offices in resort towns in Bulgaria resort to a scheme to deceive tourists, indicating a favorable rate on the board, which in fact turns out to be just predatory. This is explained by the fact that the rate on the scoreboard `` for a very large amount '' or even – not for foreigners.

To avoid currency fraud in Bulgaria, tourists are advised to change money only at the airport or in major banks.

  Prices for holidays with children in Bulgaria

Prices for holidays with children in Bulgaria

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